Featured Equipment Packages

Red Helium Camera

Super 35mm, 8K Digital Camera

Go beyond 4k video. Perfect for motion graphics and high-end commercial work. Our Red Helium Camera package gives you the base to shoot all day and in studio, handheld, gimbal, and run-n-gun style.



  • 8K Super 35MM camera w/ Canon EF or PL lens mount

  • 15mm or 19mm rod support

  • Anton Bauer power solutions

  • 7" Touch-screen monitor

Arri WCU-4

Wireless Follow Focus System

The Arri WCU-4 system helps keeps your operator focused on his operating. Keep your rig system simple with cForce mini RF motor and transmitter all-in-one system. Build your camera rig the right way so your camera team can focus on capturing the best motion images.



  • Compact handunit, powerful mini motor

  • Arri design and reliability

  • 15/19mm rod support

  • Five clean and backlight focus rings for all lenses